Air Travel Tips for Crisis

Around 2 billion travellers board flights in different parts of the world every year. Travelling via air has become an extremely safe over the years and there have been very rare cases of air accidents. However, it surely does not hurt to be cautious and be prepared for any kind of catastrophe. If you can invest hours looking for low cost air tickets, then you can surely take out some time for gathering information that just might help you to save your life!

While many are jittery about travelling on airplane, it has to be said that not many take the trouble of looking for tips on how to survive an airplane emergency. For most Britons, low-cost airlines and cheap air tickets from UK is supposedly the bigger concern. Cheap flight tickets will save you few pounds but tips for handling an emergency might save many lives, including yours!


Your seat on the flight can make a lot of difference when the calamity strikes. It is advisable to sit as close as possible to the exit. This will ensure that you make a quick exit if the need arrives. Aisle seats are comparatively better as it facilitates better mobility. Some airline websites feature seating maps, showing seat availability and allowing travellers to book seats according to their liking. Those who book online air tickets must take benefit of the feature.

In-flight Safety Information

Pay utmost attention to the in-flight safety speech provided by the aircraft crew. It can prove to be highly beneficial. Ignoring such safety information might prove to be an extremely costly mistake for the passenger. Even if you are a frequent flyer it is still not a good idea to ignore the demonstrations as different aircrafts have different safety instructions, and to assume you already know it might be completely erroneous.

Brace for the Impact

Almost always there is enough time for the passengers to brace themselves up for the crash. Do not resign to your fate, and utilize these vital minutes to prepare yourself to handle the situation. Study the exits and make a plan that may assist you in getting out of the aircraft as soon as possible after it crashes. There are couple of ‘brace positions’ that you can get into to decrease the force of the impact.

Get Out of the Plane

Fire and in particular smoke is a big cause of deaths in a plane crash. Make sure you cover up your mouth and nose well and avoid breathing in the extremely toxic smoke. If the plane has indeed caught fire and there is smoke inside, in all probabilities you have just two minutes to make out of the crashed aircraft safely.

The Children Battling Cancer Foundation And Celebration Cruise Line Are Partnering To Give Families

The Children Battling Cancer Foundation and Caribbean Cruise Line are pleased to present you with this article about their new partnership: Hope On Water. Caribbean Cruise Line will review this program for you.

Ever mindful of its Mission: to bridge the gap between the community and families battling childhood cancer by raising awareness within the community while bringing practical help and lasting hope directly to the families of childhood cancer, The Children Battling Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, has begun offering free all expense paid cruises with its partner in the program, Caribbean Cruise Line.

Beginning in December of 2009, cruises have been offered monthly with really nice feedback from participants.

“The Cooper Family would like to give a big Thank You to Children Battling Cancer and Caribbean Cruise Lines and all those who support this organization for the wonderful cruise they provided for our family. We had such an amazing time; above all our expectations! All the staff was so kind to us and made Calvin feel so special. It was such an enjoyable experience for our family but most of all it gave Calvin some good memories that will in time replace so many of the bad cancer ones! Thank you all!”

Jennifer Cooper

The Children Battling Cancer Foundation and Caribbean Cruise Line are pleased with our work to date and look forward to a long and meaningful partnership moving forwards. Each cruise is tailor made by Caribbean Cruise Line after carefully considering the individual needs of each family, the number of children and their ages. The team at Caribbean Cruise Line then gets together with the captain and crew of the Bahama Celebration cruise ship to insure that every detail is considered so the families battling pediatric cancer have a relaxing trip full of meaningful memories.

The Children Battling Cancer Foundation hopes to build interest in programs such as this and to create new alliances with other generous companies moving forwards!


Costa Rica Yoga Vacation

A vacation is a time to rest, refocus, and enjoy, there is no better way to do all three than on a Costa Rica yoga vacation. A Costa Rica yoga holiday is more than just a trip away from home, it is a way to experience the practice of yoga in the peaceful, serene natural beauty of the rainforest. Take your yoga skills to the next level as you breathe the ocean air deeply and enjoy the sounds of the rainforest. While you’re at it, meet some of the inhabitants of the rainforest, your Costa Rica Yoga vacation will be an opportunity to reach within and embrace your true self while at the same time reaching out to embrace the iguana that’s sauntering by.

When you’ve achieved a peaceful state of enlightenment, trade your mat for a board and hit the waves because with more than eight hundred miles of shoreline, your Costa Rica yoga experience is just getting started! After some serious surf time use what you’ve learned during your Costa Rica yoga training to conquer your fears and head out to enjoy one of the many adventure activities. Kick your journey of self-discovery into high gear with the white water rafting, snorkeling, horseback riding, canopy tours, zip-lining, mountain biking, and even bungee jumping that makes Costa Rica synonymous with adventure travel.

If your Costa Rica yoga journey requires quieter pursuits, the jungle offers amazing opportunities for bird watching and hiking as you search for monkeys, toucans, parrots, and the reclusive rainforest sloth. A great yoga session will prepare your mind to concentrate on your swing as Costa Rica boasts world class golf courses and day spas. Of course the best way to cap off a perfect day of yoga is to take a dip in one of Cost Rica’s famed natural waterfalls. End your day of yoga and adventure by strolling on the beach at sunset, you’re at peace, you’re enlightened, you’re on a Costa Rica yoga holiday!!

Great Arowana Striped Bass

Arowana fish come into play several colorations not to mention breeds in addition to perhaps it is revealed by way of it is sources. Arowanas can be purchased in South usa, Cameras, China and additionally Sydney. Arowanas include varied colours, green, magical, efficient and additionally precious metal. The actual purple plus old watches arowanas usually are looked upon as amongst the highly-priced breeds, an enormous fragile characteristics around propagation in addition to in addition any shortage of the world resulting from overfishing and additionally overexploitation of their total home. Individuals can be purchased in Malaysia, Sumatra, Philippines, Thailand and even Vietnam.

All the Gold Arowana striper is definitely better known as typically the Oriental Arowana. CITES possess set a gold colored arowana species of fish on the vulnerable specie listing as opposed to replacing include projects connected with posting and additionally shipping charges all of them, you might want to bring excess care and attention when you want to not include every authorized complicaitons. Even be in search of real senior arowana striper. A person is able to discern a elements in addition to look and feel from the glowing arowana species of fish.

As a result of the country’s earlier time, all the gold arowana fishs colouring is distinguishable. The top component to it has the is undoubtedly hued having yellow metal. Furnishings for the striper would definitely multiply towards the alternative weighing machines as being the species of fish grows although her shades severity would probably diminish. A sizes for the older arowana striper are generally disarrayed and so your beauty most likely is not of which awesome versus the white models.

The actual senior arowana striper will be able to age towards several paws. A very good steady diet program from this special perch incorporates healthy and balanced guppies, golden striped bass, frogs, cold shrimps. Typically the aquarium tank temps should really be retained concerning 70 to help eighty five deg Fahrenheit and therefore the ph degree of this type of water really should be amongst 7. 0 and even 7. 5.

You will find numbers with irrational men and women that have confidence in this mythic attributes of your older arowana pike, which describes why breeders rather have increasing these folks. People imagine that a gold colored arowana species of fish is allowed to bring best of luck plus bundle, therefore might sensation misfortune not to mention could sometimes compromise it is daily life therefore the manager wont past experiences whatever catastrophe.

A senior arowana perch belongs to the almost all attractive sea food which are currently being searched by means of supporters around the world. Character includes with all this regal animal to persons, still there isn’t any restricted society, very targeted couple of might love his or her’s magnificence.

Headphones are very important for military service

Communication with advanced technology developed in recent years and now provides excellent communication between different parts of the world. Gone are the days when the pigeons and sent secret messengers to exchange news and information. After the invention of radio, telephone and cable bandwidth communication has a dramatic yaw and improved by leaps and bounds since then. It was the latest satellite radar technology and better communication are communicated from space. The need for effective communication is high today because of higher secular army and government organizations around the world looking for effective communication systems with high quality and to communicate with their peers. Security of the nation is highly dependent on the services of the army and security forces on the border. Save the nation from enemy attacks and terrorism. Thus, the system of wireless communication effectively is inevitable with high frequency and frequency to allow free within the base stations of GSM and other compounds with a base station and military superiors. And the use of headphones and Military Headsets to meet the needs of individual connections.

Headphones are both receivers or wireless encryption that allows radio signals without obstacles to clear. Headphones are essential to make your own radio and laptops. User Using headphones can receive signals even in noisy environments or very noisy. Outside noise is cut and, therefore, high quality reception. At first, it seemed big and bulky headphones, but much reduced with technological advancements in design, size,. Become the earlobe or small that may be behind the ears, so no one can see invisible. Especially for headphones reduce outside noise, like today. This is useful for the aviation industry today unhindered outside the noisy environment can be treated as effective flight control fly landing or completely. Headphones and Headsets are also used to enjoy. Music high quality digital You can only connect to your headset music system and start enjoying without any outside noise.

Headsets & headphone similar military standard, but the speed will vary according to the need of the receiver. Sliding some very important messages and uninsured in the receivers or amplifiers common. In this case, the use of headphones for these types of messages related to security. You can not listen to messages received by others and is the only person who confirmed the message. And so, the need for headphones are very important for military service. Headphone range largely depends on the type of speakers used. Headphones are very cheap and you can also get a high price good headphones brand for the best quality audio reception. And the use of headphones for listening to audio reception only without touching external noises or sounds easier. You can even subtler sounds very strong transfer. And the use of headphones and headsets are a great experience in itself.

British Movie Locations

Most people love movies. Movies are a great way to get away from our hectic lives and escape into a fantasy world, even if only for a couple of hours. It used to be that there was only one cinema nearby and choices were limited. But now there are multi screen cinemas in most large towns meaning anyone can get to a cinema and watch the latest releases. As well as watching movies in cinemas you can wait a little while and hire them out on DVD, and then buy the DVD to watch time and time again. But what if watching the films time and time again isnt enough? What if youre such a fan you want to get more even more from the film? Maybe you want some inside information of how parts of the films were made? Well now you can actually go on a tour of places featured in the movies and learn about how scenes were made and see the locations up close. You can have you picture taken and even meat a real live celebrity. These are known as Movie tours and they are becoming more and more popular.

Harry Potter is probably the most famous wizard in the world right now. The books were such a massive hit it was pretty inevitable that they would be made into films. The second to last movie is showing at cinemas right now with the anticipated last movie coming soon. Many of the filming on the Harry Potter films was done in Oxford, Lacock and London which are all based in Britain. You can go on a bus tour of just the London locations or go up the country a little and see the locations in Oxford and Lacock, or you can do the lot in one tour which lasts for 2 days. Some tour companies even offer a ride on the real Hogwarts Express Steam train which featured in the films! How cool is that? Obviously this is a real treat for serious Harry potter fans but also a must for train lovers.

Doctor who is the most loved time traveller of our time. The television show is still going strong and recently has found new younger fans. There were a couple of films, Dr. Who and the Darleks was released in 1965 and then a year later Darleks Invasion Earth: 2150 AD. Both had Peter Cushing as the Dr Who. Arguable the films didnt do as well as the TV series did and it wasnt until it was relaunched in 2005 when it really was back at the top of its game. With modern technology making the special effects even more amazing it was soon receiving great ratings once again. Most of the filming was done in BBC Wales which is based in Cardiff and you can now go on a tour and learn how the show is made, watch DVD clips and pass actual locations which were shown in the recent series.

Travelling In Japan – Tips & Tricks For The New Traveller

Oh Japan, how I adore you. I mean, where else in the world can you find a graceful kimono clad woman with pearl chopsticks in her hair, sitting next to a man carelessly reading hardcore hentai on an extremely packed commuter train?

I knew from the moment the hostess graciously unlocked the doors at Narita Airport; it hit me – Asia! The humidity literally hit me in the face and about 1 million smells filled the air – i heard horns blearing and tonal language and fast chatter, i saw very serious men in very serious uniforms, and already I felt a little bit more sweaty, uncomfortable, nervous and excited than i did about two minutes before. I took a deep breath…and gave a happy sigh. Feels like coming home.

So as im riding this 400 km per hour bullet train up to the central highlands of Japan, i begin to dwell on something: the more i fall in love with Japan, the more I feel as though I am cheating on the other love of my life – Vietnam – only with her older, slightly more gracious and definitely more hygienic older sister.

Since leaving Vietnam I haven’t found myself in such a state of intense travel euphoria – everything is once again unfamiliar – everything is bright and curious and foreign. I have that ‘new born baby opening its eyes for the first-time’ feeling again.

I haven’t felt that since travelling in Vietnam a few years ago, I was starting to feel slightly uneasy that I would never be able to experience it again. It feels so damned good to be back! Although, I am finding that this time, my ignorance doesn’t scare me as much as it should. In fact, I’m starting to feel as if my ignorance and i are best friends. So much of the world turns its nose up at ignorant people – but i have come to firmly believe that the moment we stop being ignorant is the moment we stop feeling the need to explore, and that’s just no fun at all.

Japan is Hypermodern, crazy and eclectic – the 20-somethings of Shinjuku must keep the false eyelash economy afloat – as well as somehow being gracious, traditional and majestic. It holds its head extremely high, as if it saying ‘yes, I do know I’m fabulous…take a photo, it will last longer.’ – but it does more than have a right to do so, it is wonderful.

And I’m sure that Japan wouldn’t like me saying this, but i have a sneaking suspicion that one of the reasons i can feel myself falling head over heels for this place is that- for all its gloss and grace – traditional and trustworthy Asia still shines through.

I find this happening at completely random intervals – only ever so slightly sharing a glimpse of itself; a tooting horn, the insistent need to save money and trade, the wise looking rye smile of the elderly Japanese man sitting next to me on this train, the chaotic-ridiculous and totally lovable local shops and markets, and the way that everything moves so fast whilst remaining so poised – let’s be honest, these are the reasons i loved flirting with Asia in the first place.

So now add to that: subway systems that remind you to have a nice day, toilets that say thankyou for sitting on them, loyal and contagiously friendly locals, 27 floor department stores being considered ‘small’, incredible fresh made-in-an-instant-but-tasting-like-a-lifetime food, arrogant and majestic steamy mountain with curious rivers, and giggling school girls on every corner and its obvious to see why I’m beginning to feel like Japan and I are meant for each other – hmmm, I wonder how I can get around the iron clad zero immigration laws?

Okay, so i know the term ‘breathtaking’ is pretty much void in terms of evoking any reasonable sense of reaction from a reader, but just pretend for a moment that pop culture has not overused it and apply it to this train journey between Nagoya and Takayama: Wow!

I love it that I am ecstatically looking out the window at the towering, crisp mountains with their hidden temples and the huge valleys and rivers under this train line (think Indiana Jones bridge crossings) that the Japanese commuters around us are texting on their phones, reading on their ipads and giggling with friends. Oh to live in a city where this landscape is a normal commute!

So now I’m sitting on top of one of these mountains in a tiny Japanese town and, oh man, that car spaces in Japan crack me up! They are literally half the size of the ones we have back home in Aus, looking at a parking lots here reminds me of playing matchbox cars when i was five!

Anyway, If you can’t stomach the hippy-ish, new world-ish and floaty sentiments of the next few paragraphs i totally understand and please feel free to click off now; The more i travel, the more the world makes me realise how much I do not want to stay at home! It is from his tiny town at the base of the Japanese alps that I feel confident in the concrete feeling that I will never live my life working full time only to go to Bali for one week every two years. No! I don’t want to come back from one of those weeks with presents for my friends labelled ‘My friend went to London and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.’

I don’t want to be safe and un-challenged. I don’t want to always go to the same restaurant on Monday nights and have Shania Twain play at my wedding – well not yet, anyway. I want to travel until the day I die. I want to continue to work hard, of course, but whilst I will always endeavour to work in something I enjoy, it will be a means to an end for me, it will be the fuel for my dream. Late nights working are so worth it from this side of the fence/mountain. Of course I know that things in my life will change, and I’m almost positive that in ten years I will look back on this book and think ‘you arrogant and ignorant little woman!’ but hey, like I said – ignorance!

So, i have learnt from this experience, apart from the fact that California rolls in Australia are quite frankly, an abomination, is that I want to travel the world until I have sat atop hundreds of mountains, freezing our butts off, with only a cheap and compulsory facebook photo, and our memories to show for it.

I am so damned lucky. Right here, right now, life is chaotic and uncomfortable and so damned wonderful that the world is sparkling. I’ve only had six days in Japan, only six days back on the travel drug, but it’s a good thing because I really needed my next hit. I can’t believe in two days we will be waiting for the inevitably delayed light home. But don’t you worry Japan, I’m nowhere near done with you yet. See you soon my darling!

Camper Shells

The popular camper shell has been an item of convenience that a large number of individuals have taken advantage of for many years because of the long line of uses that they are so known for providing. This type of camper that is most commonly made out of fiberglass or aluminum can be the perfect item you need for the storing of all of that special hunting, fishing or camping equipment that you are so proud of. They offer a great way to store these expensive items and keep them out of the elements of the weather. There are several other people who enjoy making this addition to their pickup truck, simply for the added level of style it can add to the overall look of your vehicle. There are numerous sleek styles that are available in unique styles, colors and shapes that can make any pickup truck look for appealing. A camper shell can also be used for another handy option, and that is on those exciting fishing or hunting adventures that you may be enjoying with all of your buddies and you simply may not want to be bothered with renting a motel room or having to sleep in a tent. There is an endless amount of uses that are available to you when you make the decision to have this type of equipment mounted on the back of your pickup truck.
No matter what your particular choice of style may be, there are numerous designs that are available that will work perfectly for your taste and your needs. The color of your truck is also not a problem, as numerous different choices in the camper shell can be found in a variety of beautiful colors that can be blended nicely with any color that your vehicle may be. It takes absolutely no time at all and the attachment of these campers is very easy to complete. You will simply be amazed at the extra amount of space that you will be provided to conveniently be able to store many different types of equipment. They are featured with necessary locking mechanisms as well, giving you the peace of mind that you need in knowing your equipment and tools will be kept safe at all times.
If you would like to find just the right camper shell to add to the beauty of your truck that will offer you a world of conveniences as well, you may want to consider browsing through the web sites located on the Internet.


Keeping Those Nasty Gulls Off Your Boat

Gulls have a stubborn habit of frequently perching on masts, boat rigging, antennas and many other areas of a vessel. And when they perch, they often feed on their most recent catches, tearing apart fish and other meals, leaving bones and fish innards to drop on you and your guests.

Of course, this pales in comparison to the problem of gull droppings, which is even worse when you’re serving meals on board. The bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites found in gull droppings can carry serious diseases, including histoplasmosis, encephalitis and salmonella.

Gull droppings also eat into various parts of your boat, marring paint, cracking sails and jamming up riggings. The can quickly damage a boat’s finish, canvas and Biminis.  For boat owners who failed to adequately bird proof their boats, gull droppings mean constant cleanups and frequent repairs.

In many cases, gulls will have gotten used to your presence and will aggressively challenge you if you try to remove them or their nests. Keep in mind that some species of gulls, such as the Heerman’s gull are protected by law. You may suffer legal penalties if you destroy or remove these nests. In this case, keeping gulls off your boat is the best remedy.

If you’re away from your boat for any length of time, you can expect to come back to a vessel that’s been littered with fish bones and pounds of smelly droppings. You’ll easily spend days cleaning up the mess.

Many sailors who own small boats without masts or major projections have resorted to boat covers. While these keep droppings and other debris off a boat, they still must be cleaned, as gulls will often nest on them.

To deter gulls from roosting on an anchored boat, there are a variety of wind powered vane-arm sweeping devices on the market. They work by sweeping the area most often visited by gulls, thus discouraging them from landing and roosting on various parts of your vessel. These vane-arm devices are most often mounted on the canopy forward deck or stern deck. They are most effective on the stern deck, since gulls usually land into the wind. These devices should also be removed and stored below deck when winds exceed 35 mph. Birds normally won’t roost in such high winds, and the rapid rotation of the arms my damage the device.

Another popular bird proofing device is the Bird Spider. These devices feature stainless steel “arms” that flail in the breeze to keep gulls from landing. Spiders are available in 2-, 4- and 8-foot diameter arm lengths to cover increasingly larger areas. Bird spiders are easy to install and have no moving parts to wear out or maintain. Look for bird spiders that have a U.V.-protected polycarbonate base. One manufacturer offers a bird spider that comes pre-assembled.

Most bird spiders come standard with a glue-on base, so they can be glued down permanently to most flat surfaces. Spiders are also available with railing mounts for easy attachment to boat rails. Other attachments include a bag base that lets you put the spider virtually anywhere, including on boat canvas covers and Biminis.

A New Orleans Staycation Vacation

With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, many New Orleanians are mulling over what do or where to go for the holiday. And recent reports that the economy is ever worsening leaves some people wondering if it’s a good idea to travel at all. But this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a fun holiday weekend. With so much to do in one’s own backyard, more locals are discovering the joys and savingsof taking a staycation.

Staycations on the Rise
According official estimates, the average traveler spends $ 697+ during Labor Day weekend. And while 10% more Americans plan to travel this year than in 2009, travel trends are still lower than in years before the current economic crisis. Overall, a vast majority of people are deciding to play “tourists in their own town” or are taking day trips to locations within 50 miles. In fact, 34 million travelers will stay closer to home for Labor Day, as it’s considerably cheaper.

Benefits of Staying Close to Home
In addition to saving on gas, hotels, restaurants, and other travel costs, there are many other benefits to vacationing at home. You can discover new things to do within your 1st Lake apartment community and get to know your neighbors. And best of all: you can explore the vibrant New Orleans-metro area.

Staycation Activities
If the whole point of a vacation is to kick back and relax, who needs the added stress of airports, rental cars, jet lag, and high travel costs anyway? There’s so much to do locally. You can fill your days reconnecting with friends; you can catch up on sleep, start a new exercise routine, or take advantage of the many amenities your apartment community has to offer.

Here are a few other staycation activities:

– Try out a new restaurant (check out COOLinary New Orleans )
– Take a cruise on the Steamboat Natchez
– Visit the New Orleans Museum of Art or stroll through the Arts District
– Go hear some great music at One Eyed Jacks, Maple Leaf Bar, etc.
– Organize your apartment
– Visit a local bookstore (Barnes & Noble, Borders, Garden District Book Shop)
– Spend a day in the French Quarter
– Check out the Southern Decadence festival
– Catch a flick at a nearby theater